The highs and lows of NKOTB Cruise 2011- Part 2!

With drink in hand and my traumatic experience behind me, we headed off to our room & then to the lifeboat drill, which was kind of a joke and then… the Sail Away Party…. Woooo!!! In the months preceding the cruise, I always dreamed I somehow missed the Sail Away Party so I was DETERMINED to get a good spot. I was about three “rows” back from the pool, between the two B stages and I was very happy! 🙂 But then, Angi said she had to sit down and she took Amy with her. I ended up with our friend Diana (@JoeMacsBFF) after making sure that neither Amy or Angi would be upset if I stayed where I was. They asked me just to take good pics of their mans, Joe and Donnie, which I promised to do. After the song “Take On Me” by A-ha was played roughly 1,782 times, FINALLY a great song called “Rocketeer” by Far East Movement came on and woohoo! There were the guys!!!! 😀

Jordan and Joe appear at the Sail Away Party and my cruise is made. 🙂

The Sail Away Party was sooo much fun!!! I took tons of pictures, danced, laughed my ass off, and began to realize this cruise was going to be one of the most amazing experiences of my life. I don’t even know how to put it into words. The guys seemed free and were totally being themselves and so were all of us. This is one of my favorite pics I took of Jordan the whole cruise:

That night was 80s Night…. to be honest, I was kinda jealous ‘cos Amy had a “moment” with Joe during the Sail Away Party and Jordan (as usual) hadn’t even seen me! Well, I would get a moment during the 80s Night party, although it wasn’t quite what I wanted!!! Lol
The guys came out while we were sitting down enjoying our one hour of free drinks 😉 and they did their old school dance to “My Favorite Girl”… I squee’ed and imploded inside and all that good stuff. 😀 And I was SO THRILLED that Jordan was wearing his Batman shirt!!! Eventually the guys came down to the B stage nearest us and when the Knight Brothers left to go back to the “main stage” it got crazy. I realized I was gonna be right by Jordan and I thought “I’m gonna try to at least touch his hand!” The crowd parted as he was coming by and I was like “YAY!” but then, the pushing started. Right as he came by me, somebody pushed me extremely hard and I pretty much tumbled into him, boobs to man boobs. 😉 And then apparently people behind him were pushing him and people behind me were pushing me, Jordan and I were squished together for a moment. I couldn’t move and was just up against him. I was like “I’m sorry!” and he was just like “Get me outta here” … okay, he didn’t say that but I was embarrassed by how closely we were pressed together, I couldn’t look at his face. Last night, on Facebook, I found this pic and apparently he was pretty happy about it! That’s me in the black lace top, as he finally got past me….

Not gonna lie, I was surprised and HAPPY to see that he looks so happy. And it makes me feel silly that I got so embarrassed. I should’ve been like “Woohoo!!!!” It was just that we were pushed up against each other so damn tightly, I felt like he could feel my innards. Hahaha!!! Actually I’m blushing again thinking about it.
ANYHOO…. we left soon afterwards and I wish we hadn’t. I missed Joe pulling his pants down and lots of other good stuff but that first night, I was exhausted.
The rest of the cruise, I would stay for the duration of the parties…. past 4 a.m. all three nights. Woooooo!!!!!!


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