The Highs and Lows of NKOTB Cruise 2011- part 3!

This Saturday night isn’t nearly as exciting as last Saturday night 😉 so I’m gonna relive the cruise!!! Where was I….?

I have to say, we got a balcony cabin and I loved it. It was small, yes, I had to sleep on a bunk bed, yes, but it was so awesome to have that balcony. Every night, at some point, I would sit out there for a few minutes and just look up at the stars and the ocean… it was beautiful and peaceful, amidst all the craziness of the cruise. 🙂

Okay, day 2! Half Moon Cay… when we woke up that morning, Friday the 13th coincidentally, we could see the island and after breakfast, we all boarded tenders to go over there for the concert.

I have to admit, when we got our itineraries and I found out the only concert would be on the beach during the day and would be general admission to boot, I was not happy. I was worried about Angi having to stand up that entire time, I was pissed that I had booked the cruise 2 minutes after booking started and I wasn’t guaranteed to be close for the only NKOTB concert but… it worked out. 😀 I got time on the beach to chill, I got lunch and then I found a spot on the right side of the stage with my sister. After the “VIP” people (who’d stood in line forever and hadn’t gotten much beach time) filed in and took their spots, security let those of us on the right side move forward and I have to say, the vantage point was not bad at all!!!

Donnie and Joe came out shortly and sprayed us with super soaker water guns, which as hot as it was out there, felt GREAT!!! 🙂

The concert itself was like the entire cruise… laidback, the guys were themselves, joking around and acting crazy and funny, their songs weren’t overly choreographed. I felt like they were just kinda winging it but still, with them, that’s better than most concerts! I finally got to see Jordan perform “Let’s Go Higher,” which was definitely a highlight but I wish he hadn’t pulled some girl onstage to dance with him. It kinda killed my buzz. 😉 Here’s some of my favorite pics!

After the concert, there were some games on the beach, in which lucky fans got to compete against each other for medals but I think the best prize was getting New Kids hugs! 😉 And that one girl who almost got CPR from Joe! I forgot to mention in part 2 about the Double Dare game, which was fantabulous! I didn’t get good pics because of the lighting in there but the best part was Danny popping balloons like a machine while Joe and Jordan were fumbling around and could barely pop one balloon. It was hilarious!! Also, before the Toga Night party, during the Blue Bloods screening, Donnie came over to Angi and bonked her nose, which was “odd” as she put it but fabulous!!! 🙂 He also gave her a magical tortilla chip… the way she tells the story is hilarious. 🙂

Anyhoo, that night was Toga Night, which was the best party of the cruise for me, even though I didn’t get any New Kids attention. The guys were HILARIOUS and if you’ve seen the YouTube videos, you know what happened! From the intros of “Anus the Great” and “Climaximus” to Jordan losing his mind and saying “Fuck yeah!” over and over again, it was just fun as HELL!!!

Unfortunately, at the end of Toga Night was the start of one of my low lows. I went to the bathroom and left my purse in there. I realized it within less than 5 minutes but it was already gone. 😦 I searched everywhere, I asked everyone I saw… no one had seen it. So both me and my sister had lost our Sign & Sail cards (ie, all our money), our IDs AND our cameras!

I spent the next day, upset and stressed over losing my purse, wondering if it had been stolen or what. Unfortunately it was also our day in Nassau so I have zero pictures of Nassau. My friends and I did some shopping… I couldn’t buy anything because my purse was missing but it was pretty fun. It was cool when we were in a gift shop and they played “Don’t Turn Out the Lights.” 😛 I squee’d a little bit!

Later, when we got back to the Destiny, some girls told us that Danny was on Lido Deck, taking pics and signing autographs. We thought for sure we would get there too late but we were able to get in line… they cut it off about 10 people behind us. I told Danny happy birthday and thanked him for always encouraging me to work out. He looked touched and said, “Keep it up. You look great.” Made me feel sooo good!!! 😀

After we met Danny, we decided to go by Guest Services (for about the fifth or sixth time) and finally, someone had turned in our purse. THANK GOD!!! I have never been so relieved!!! And yes, everything was still in it. 😀 So glad there are still some honest people out there!!!

That night was Pink Night. 🙂 I’d been talking to my friend Amy (@MsKnitSox) earlier about how I wanted a “Jordan moment” (she’d gotten a hug and kiss from her favorite, Jonathan, during Toga Night) and she told me I should probably be near that left side B stage so that’s where I headed as soon as we got to Lido. I was able to get about three back from that B stage and thank GOD, because that’s where Jordan spent most of Pink Night!

He signed autographs for what felt like FOREVER and I tried like mad to get his attention but never could. God love ’em, my BFFs Amy and Angi tried their damnedest to get me to Jordan, they pushed me and yelled “GET UP THERE!” but I was behind this girl who was a total bitch and said, “I don’t think so, bitch! I’ve been here for 6 hours!” Um… my problem that you wasted your cruise standing in one spot? Nope. Oh, she also already had all five New Kids’ autographs on her little poster, which really pissed me off. I mean, give someone else a chance, ya know???

Ugh. Anyhoo, Jordan was about to go off the B stage and back up to the “main stage” and Amy and Angi screamed his name at the top of their lungs. He FINALLY looked over with this big surprised smile like “What?! Geez!” and they pointed to me. He leaned over and took my hand and smiled at me and held onto my hand for a minute or so, squeezing my hand and looking at me the whole time. 😀 It was my moment!!! Totally worth all the ups and downs for that one moment. Is it wrong that I hope that girl who was such a bitch to me saw the whole thing? Hahaha!!! Karma’s a bitch.

All right, well, this is really long so I guess there will be a part 4 blog! Hope ya’ll enjoy my stories…. there’s more ups and downs to come!


2 thoughts on “The Highs and Lows of NKOTB Cruise 2011- part 3!

  1. i read your blog and i really liked it 😀 but i just got a question what’s up with the whole thing about that one girl who almost got CPR from Joe! I’m dying to know?? i was not on the cruise..

    • Oh, she took part in one of the races and collapsed… Joe ran over (in his Baywatch red shorts) and laid on top of her like he was gonna give her mouth-to-mouth… lucky girl!!! 😀

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