The highs and lows of NKOTB Cruise 2011-Part 4

It’s been a couple of days since I updated this blog, and since two weeks ago we set sail on the Destiny, I figured it was time to finally finish my cruise blog!

Sunday was the last day on board and it was a doozie! Photo op day. For those that may not know, every cruiser gets to have a photo taken with the guys. The e-mails from Rose Tours said we should come in pre-arranged groups of 10. I didn’t realize how stringently (or ridiculously) Rose Tours would stick to that rule. We didn’t have a pre-arranged group. We had five of us, but due to a miscommunication with our two friends, there were only 3 of us– me, Amy and Angi. When Angi cruised before, she was able to make a group while waiting in the line. That would not happen this time. Once the assholes in Rose Tours t-shirts found out we didn’t have a group, they sent us to The Room of Shame… where people who did not have EXACTLY 10 people in their group were sent to form groups of EXACTLY 10. It didn’t matter if you had 8 or 9… you were sent to The Room of Shame without EXACTLY 10. And guess what? Everyone in The Room of Shame was looking for Danny girls. Why are they so rare? I love Danny! BUT I wasn’t really wanting to let someone else be with Jordan to complete a group. Of course, I’m a Jordan girl, Amy’s a Joe girl and Angi’s a Donnie girl. The three most popular ones!!!! There were several groups who wanted us to join them but one of us would’ve had to sacrifice standing next to our favorite. At one point, I was almost gonna do it, then Angi was almost gonna do it but we couldn’t. This is why Rose Tours’ rule is so annoying. By nature, for whatever reason, there are the least number of Danny girls so if 2 people are with their favorite New Kid, odds are, somebody’s probably standing next to Danny who would really rather be with Joe, Jordan or Donnie. And we paid a lot of money for this cruise. I think it’s bullshit that some people didn’t get to stand next to their favorites!!!! Oh and not to mention that Rose Tours people told us if we didn’t have a group of 10, we wouldn’t get a picture with the guys at all. Come again??? $1,600 and I may not get a picture? I’ll be damned!!!!! I think we were in The Room of Shame for two hours. Our Group B photo op started at 12:30 and I think it was after 4 or maybe 5 by the time we got our damn picture. FINALLY we found a group after thinking we had one and then getting kicked out of line. I don’t know these girls that were in our group but they were suspect. They started pushing in the damn line. Pushing??? Really? And one of them was chewing gum, I was dying for some gum and couldn’t find any for sale anywhere on the ship, I asked her if she had any more gum and she said no. I asked everyone around us if anyone had gum. They all said no. Stingy bitches. πŸ˜‰

So when we got in the photo op room, the guys were on a stage. Jordan was chomping on gum like always. And I decided what I was gonna say to him. May or may not have been a mistake but I’m pretty sure he probably remembers it! Lol. Anyway, so the groups of EXACTLY 10 would walk up there, smile, click, picture’s done, hugs, bye. I was like well, this sucks. I knew it’d be quick but damn. Some groups were with them for less than a minute.

When we got on the stage, I was the last girl in our group and there was like, a bottleneck at Donnie. I saw Jordan standing there by himself so I said what the hell and went over to him, skipping Donnie. (Sorry, Donnie but I wanted to ensure I got time with my man!!!) I gave him a hug and said, “Hey Jordan!” He said hey and I went to stand beside him… the other Jordan girl may have come up on the other side of him, I don’t remember anymore. After a second, I said, “You don’t have any more gum, do you?” He did a double-take, like are you serious? Lol!!! He said he didn’t have any… he was probably lying just like the girls in line!!! πŸ˜‰ At that point, I think they took the picture…out of the corner of my eye, I think I saw him lean toward the other Jordan girl when they took the pic. 😦 I’ll have to see when we get the pics (if we ever get them) and I’ll be pretty sad if he’s leaning toward her. If he is, I’m pretty sure he thought there would be two pictures but there wasn’t. At least I hope that was the case and that he wasn’t freaked out or annoyed because I asked him for gum. I really did want some gum. I chew it like 5 times a day and always have some on hand. In fact, I chew it so much that I ran out on Saturday and couldn’t find anymore in any of the gift shops on the boat! So I was desperate, hence me asking Jordan freakin’ Knight for gum!!!!

Anyway, after the picture, I decided to try to be cute and stuff, and I said, “If I can’t have a piece of gum, can I have another hug?” He said, “You sure can” and he gave me a nice hug. πŸ™‚ And he “Mmmmm”ed in my ear. Yowza!!!! I really didn’t wanna let go of him but I had to. :-\ The jackass security started yelling “Move it along!” so I told him thanks and reluctantly moved along the line and hugged the other guys really quickly. I hate how quick it was after all the crap we went through.

After the photo op, it was way past time for Stretchify, Jordan’s yoga class, so I had to run back to the room (still fretting over whether or not I’d freaked him out with the gum question), change clothes and head to the Lido Deck. OF COURSE, there were no spots. Everyone in Group A had an advantage and had been there for hours and got all the good spots. Apparently, their photo op wasn’t nearly as bad as ours. I finally found a decent spot and I have to say, I wasn’t sure what to expect… after all, Jordan isn’t a licensed yoga instructor ;)… but I really enjoyed it. I was actually doing the yoga… the moves I could do anyway. πŸ˜‰

Jordan gave out autographed “Unfinished” posters. I tried my damnedest to get up there and, proving that not all Blockheads on the boatnare bitches, several different girls said “I’ll get you up there, honey!” and pushed me to the front. But by the time I got up there, he was out. 😦 Really sucks ‘cos I thought well maybe I can get one at the CD release party but now I’m not going to the party. 😦 😦 I actually was gonna give it to my 10-year-old niece Kirsten because I already have an autograph from him from Jordan Idol Atlanta. Oh well. Maybe I’ll get one for her sometime.

That night was Red Carpet Night and I hear it rained on the Lido Deck at the beginning of the party but the three of us were at Donnie’s poker tournament. By the time we got out there, Jordan and Joe were on the B stage near us and the party was going. Jordan once again went a little crazy and said “Fuck yeah!” repeatedly again, which I love. πŸ˜‰ And Joe danced so hard that he said his taco was coming up. LOL! Amy and I partied out there till after 5 a.m. By that time, Donnie was the only one left. Amy and I couldn’t hang anymore… we finally went to bed. But Donnie is unstoppable! I love Cruise Donnie!

The next day, we got off the boat and headed back to real life. 😦 The cruise definitely had really high highs and really low lows, hence the name of this blog. πŸ™‚ But, I am positive I will be cruising again in 2012, as long as they have a cruise. It was the best time of my life and I will never, ever forget it. πŸ˜€


2 thoughts on “The highs and lows of NKOTB Cruise 2011-Part 4

  1. Hello I’m Julie and I’m from Paris,France really like reading your blog, it really tells us about the inner side iof the NKOTB Cruise. Glad you finallygot your purse back!!!It happened to me on the Elvis Cruise Carnival Inspiration where I lost my horse shoe ring in the Ladies room. I freaked out within 5 minutes . I asked everybody on the boat and finally had the genius idea to go to the bar and ask the bar tender if any body had returned a horse shoe ring and here it was! in his pen holder ! yeahhhh Baby ! So glad because I had it repaired specially for the Cruise with the fake diamonds on top and all…Anyhooo thanks again for sharing your experience with us ,I’m reading over blogs to have various point of views I ‘m planning on Cruising with th NK in 2012 if they organize an other one .The only thing that’s really making me angry is all the Crazy (Girls) Fans behaviors …Hoping to see you on the Boat! Who knows? Take CareΒ§

  2. Hiya, Abby! First of all, I didn’t know Amy was your twin sister!lol I was thinking, hey, they are so look-a-like. I couldn’t tell which Abby was in fact!
    By the way, the girls on the cruise are real bitches!! I think asking Jordan for gum was good:) Jordan might have been surprised at you saying that, but that’s it. He remers you, I’m sure.
    I’m quite amazed to know you have so many good memories with Jordan.
    I only have been to 2 New Kids concerts in Japan. And the nearest moment was just for a few seconds when they were walking by us fans on a bullet train. I got on the train to see them for seconds!! We were not allowed to go near to them on the train.
    Anyways, hope the photo of you and Jordan (and the others) will be a nice one. Then show me on Facebook or somewhere, o.k.? πŸ˜‰
    I’d love to go on the Cruise next year. Maybe we can go on together? It’d be so fun!

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