Posted in June 2011

17 hours in Nashville… part 2

Okay, so the after party… for those who may not know, Donnie and Jordan have been doing after parties in some cities. Jordan will perform a few of his solo songs, including “Stingy,” which he’s releasing a remix of with Donnie this coming week (yay!!!), and Jordan also does VIP, where he has a meet … Continue reading

17 hours in Nashville….

Finally, I’m getting around to writing my blog about the Nashville NKOTBSB experience. I have to say, in all honesty, it was the best 17 hours of my life so far. To say it exceeded my expectations would be an understatement!!! Just for some background, Nashville is an almost 8-hour drive from where I live, … Continue reading

My Top 10 NKOTB songs :)

Inspired by my friend Maxine’s recent blog entry (), I’ve decided that in honor of my first NKOTBSB show on Tuesday in Nashville, I’m going to do a countdown of my top 10 favorite New Kids on the Block songs. I can’t write about my top 10 favorite BSB songs since I don’t think I … Continue reading