17 hours in Nashville….

Finally, I’m getting around to writing my blog about the Nashville NKOTBSB experience. I have to say, in all honesty, it was the best 17 hours of my life so far. To say it exceeded my expectations would be an understatement!!!

Just for some background, Nashville is an almost 8-hour drive from where I live, near Charlotte, N.C. You might wonder why I’d drive 8 hours for a concert… there are a few reasons. One is that when this show went on sale, it and Atlanta were the closest ones to me. We tried to get Atlanta tickets but weren’t pulling up any good ones. Just out of curiosity, I checked I Love All Access’s website and all the 5* and 4* packages for ATL were sold out at the time, but there were still 5*s available for Nashville. After some discussion, my friends Amy (@MsKnitSox), Pennie (@Fan4Ever), my twin sister Amy (@twisted_writer) and I decided to do the Nashville show. Nashville has special meaning to me because in October 2009, I went to the first Jordan Idol there. A few days before I left, Jordan started following me (@abs1399) on Twitter. πŸ™‚ Before the actual Nashville Jordan Idol “show,” Jordan came up to me and said, “Are you Abs?” We talked for a minute and I told him I wanted to sing but I was scared. He told me I should do it anyway, but I ended up chickening out. We talked again afterwards and it was just a special time. πŸ™‚ Wow, that was a really long explanation of why Nashville is special to me!

Anyhoo… so Amy flew in to Charlotte Monday night and spent the night with us, and we got about 2 hours of sleep each since at 2:30 in the morning, an after party for Nashville was announced. In all honesty, I never expected there to be a party in Nashville. I knew there would be one in Atlanta, but Nashville??? No way!!! Me and the Amys tried to get VIP for Jordan for the party but had problems… first, it said it was sold out, then I got a VIP in my cart and it wouldn’t take my card, for some reason. Finally Amy (not my sister) got all three of us Jordan’s VIP… I owe her so much. I’m forever indebted to her! We all tried to go back to sleep after that, but only slept a little bit. We got up at 4 and started getting ready for our road trip. Dropped my niece off at the babysitter’s and were off for Nashville!!! Wooo!!! πŸ˜€

The drive was fun… we listened to lots of “Unfinished” and NKOTB … imagine that! And, by the time we got to Nashville, guess what? It was raining!!!! Rain and NKOTB just seem to go together. πŸ˜‰ This was a little after 1 p.m. and we were told our hotel room wouldn’t be ready until 3 p.m., which sucked since we were supposed to line up for our 5* VIP at 4!! (Not much time to get ready) Luckily there was a Starbucks across the street so we killed time there, being silly and delirious from lack of sleep. πŸ˜‰

Luckily, we were able to check in when we got back to the hotel at about 2:30, and had time to make ourselves at least somewhat prettier for our 5* meet & greet!

When we got to the arena, guess what! It was raining again!!! We had umbrellas though so our hair didn’t get messed up. πŸ™‚ We met up with our group of 9 and they all seemed pretty cool. I gotta admit, I was kinda nervous about how it would go since the cruise photo op had not gone so well with the group we had (see my earlier cruise blog part 4 for details on that).

This 5* was different from my one and only previous 5* in March 2009. One major difference was that the room we were in for the “pre-party” was a nice bar setting with lots of tables and booths. We were all crammed in a fairly small room during the one I had before. At some point, Donnie peeked out of the curtain and everyone screamed and rushed that way. I got a glimpse of Jordan through the crack in the curtains and suddenly, for whatever reason, I wasn’t nearly as nervous as I had been before.

Oh, and funnily enough, we were group O, which we were in my previous 5*. After I realized we were group O, I realized what I was gonna say to Jordan. πŸ˜€ Heehee…. of course, what he said to me first threw me off but… I’ll get to that. πŸ˜‰

Waiting in line was killing me but I was pleasantly surprised that all the groups that went ahead of us seemed to be in there for a pretty long time. Longer than meet & greets have been in the past, anyway.

Before we went in, btw, the ILAA dude told us that the guys had requested that all of us hug all of them, not just go stand by your favorite and not move. I planned to at least hug all five of them anyway so that wasn’t a problem. πŸ™‚

So, when they called Group O, just like on the cruise photo op, there was a bit of a bottleneck at Donnie so I went to Jon first. I gave him a hug, and he is a good hugger, even though I do prefer Jordan hugs. πŸ˜€ For some reason, I can never think of anything to say to Jon so I just said “Hey, Jon!” and hugged him, then moved on to Joe, who was next to him. I said “Hey, Joe!” and hugged him, and then said, “I want to tell you that you need to follow my sister, @twisted_writer.” He said, “Tulsa what??” LOL! And I said more clearly, “TWIS-TED WRI-TER!” Amy was hugging Jordan and looked up at me, alarmed, like “What did you just say?” I told Joe this was twisted writer, and Jordan and I locked eyes, and well, I forgot about Joe. πŸ˜€ Lol!!

I went to Jordan and opened my mouth to say something, but he got this look on his face like he recognized me and he said, “A–I know you. What’s your name? Is it Abs?” :-O. DEAD. I was stunned. I stared at him with my mouth hanging open and finally said, “Yeah, I’m Abs. I didn’t think you’d remember me.” He says, “Of course I remember you! You DM me every day!!!” *blushes* For the record, I don’t DM him every day. I do DM him occasionally and he has DMed me on several occasions BUT it had been a long time since he DMed me back so I figured he’d forgotten me. Don’t ask me what our DMs have said because I’m not gonna tell you. πŸ™‚

Anyway, I kinda frowned playfully and said, “I don’t DM you every day!!!” He laughed and kind of grabbed me around my neck and gave me this BIG, SNUGGLY, TIGHT, AMAZING hug. I was like, “I didn’t know you saw every single DM I sent!” He said he did (although I’m not sure he really does) and I was like, “Well, I’m sorry!” He hugged me again and said it was all good and then they were yelling that it was picture time.

Of course, I wasn’t going anywhere and he pulled me close, with his arm around me right below my boobs πŸ˜€ and, to my SHOCK, when the picture snapped, he yelled, “ABS!!!” He is in the process of yelling it in the first picture:

I have no idea why he yelled that. In my first 5*, he yelled “Johnson!” and “Muff Dive!” And on the cruise, he yelled, “Wiggity wiggity wack!” Why he would yell my name, I really do not know. I was embarrassed, thrilled, confused. I leaned my head on his shoulder and was laughing, and said, “OMG, what the hell are you DOING??” He laughed and yelled “ABS!!” again just before the second pic. Joe asked him to take a third pic and he did, but I think they only posted two on ILAA’s site. Jordan yelled my name for ALL THREE. I could not even believe he did that. But the pics turned out great… here’s a closeup of me and him. πŸ™‚

I think after the pic, the other Jordan girl hugged him and said something, which I heard him reply, “That’s hot!” Then he turned back to me after a minute and said, “So why is your name Abs? Do you like, have abs or is it a nickname?” I said, “It’s my nickname. My name is Abby.” He said, “Oh, OK,” and then my friend Amy was there and she told him thank you for doing an after party in Nashville. I remembered then that I wanted to tell him my little thing about us being Group O. I tried to tell him a few times, but the other girls in our group were coming up to get their hugs and talk to him, so I stood back and let them have their time with him, but I REALLY wanted to tell him my O thing. πŸ˜‰ The ILAA security guy grabbed my arm and said, “Miss, time to move on. You already had your time with him.” I said, “No, hold on, I just wanna tell him something.” Jordan looked at me and was waiting for me to say what I wanted to say, but someone else came up to him before I could. The security guy told me to go again and I said, “No, dammit!” Finally, Jordan hugged whoever it was (sorry, I don’t remember!) and I went back up to him and he put his arm around me. πŸ˜€ I said, “I just wanted to say that we’re Group O so you gotta show us your O-Face.” He laughed and said, “You’ll see it tonight.” So I guess he knew I was going to the after party. πŸ˜€ We hugged again and wooo!!! πŸ™‚

Finally, I left, and hugged Donnie and Danny on the way out, and I was floating on air!!!! It felt like a dream. I couldn’t even believe how well it went!!!

Most people know how the NKOTBSB shows go… it was an AMAZING show. Unfortunately our front row on the shaft seats turned out to be front row on the tip and people were walking back and forth in front of us throughout the entire show, until “Hangin’ Tough” when security finally let us stand up against the barricade. That is my only real complaint. We didn’t feel very much like VIPs since people were walking in front of us all night. So, I would not do 5* plus again. I think regular 5* seats would’ve been better.

At the end of the show, Donnie came down there and touched all of our hands. I tried desperately to get Jordan’s attention but he didn’t see us. Oh well, there was still the after party!

And since this is already really long, I’ll write about that in part 2. Stay tuned!!! πŸ™‚


2 thoughts on “17 hours in Nashville….

  1. Awww! What an amazing night!! And, wow, Jordan remembers you! I’m sure you’re his favorite.;)
    The pic of you and Jordan is really nice!!
    Can’t wait reading what happened at the after party.:)

  2. Hahaha: “Do you like, have abs, or is it a nickname?” What a great experience! I hope you write a blog about the after party … I wanna know if you followed up on the O-face comment ;).

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