17 hours in Nashville… part 2

Okay, so the after party… for those who may not know, Donnie and Jordan have been doing after parties in some cities. Jordan will perform a few of his solo songs, including “Stingy,” which he’s releasing a remix of with Donnie this coming week (yay!!!), and Jordan also does VIP, where he has a meet & greet and gives us a signed copy of “Unfinished.” 😀 Donnie does a VIP, too, supposedly, but I have yet to see anyone get the kind of special attention we got from Jordan in his VIP. Just sayin’.

The after party was at a place called McFadden’s… it was kind of an Irish pub, which I loooove. And btw, this was a Tuesday night and Nashville was HOPPIN’!!!! Live bands were playing in lots of the clubs and bars we passed on our walk to McFadden’s from the arena… it felt like a Saturday night! I love Nashville. 🙂

There was a long line to get in but then this security dude came by and said, “If you’ve got pre-paid VIP come to the front of the line.” So we got to go to the front of the line and go right in. Now, I felt like a VIP. 🙂

Donnie wasn’t onstage yet and we didn’t see anybody else around that had the Jordan VIP wristbands so Pennie went to see if she could find out where we were supposed to go. She came back a minute later and said we were supposed to go all the way to the back of the pub… we went through this door and it was like a different world from the craziness of the rest of the party. It was quiet, there were tables and couches, and… Jordan. Just standing there, talking to a group of fans. He was mingling amongst the VIP fans in this room!! It was SO COOL. 😀 We were amazed.

He hung out for a while, making his way to different groups of fans. No one freaked out, no one screamed. It was like he was having a private party and we were his friends. Unfortunately, he didn’t make his way over to us; he went into this other room off the lounge, which had a few more tables and a bar in it. The security dude, Victor, I think his name was, then announced that we could line up in groups of 25 to go in and get our picture and meet & greet with Jordan. We got to go in the first group of 25, we were the last four in that group.

The Amys and Pennie wanted me to go first ‘cos I am the Jordan girl, but I wanted to go last. Actually Amy from DC ended up behind me but that’s okay. 🙂 The line kind of went around the edge of the room and Jordan was in front of this fireplace, with “Unfinished” playing and he was already taking pics with other VIPs when we came in. It was so calm and chill…. I loved it. 😀

So… we waited in line and watched him meet everyone else… when “One More Night” came on, he started dancing a little bit and said, “This is MY JAM!!” 🙂 Which kinda makes me think I’m right in thinking that is his favorite song, although he won’t admit it. I know, Jordan. 😀

Anyhoo, we were about 10 people away from him, when he looked up and saw me and what did he do? He yelled, “ABS! There’s ABS!” and pointed me out to everyone. I think there was a girl walking up to him and hugging him when he did this so she probably hates me. Sorry. Not my fault he likes screaming my name. 😀 No, seriously, I do feel bad about that. But I have no control over him (unfortunately).

Pennie was the first of us to get to Jordan and she was all nervous, saying she had no idea what to say to him. Charlie, the security dude who’s usually with Jordan, was talking to her and it was funny because when she went to Jordan, he was whispering to her “Hi Jordan. How are you?”, coaching her what to say. LOL it was hilarious! But then she and Jordan were talking a lot and Charlie was like, “I thought she didn’t know what to say!” It was funny. 🙂 From what she told me, Jordan was super sweet (as usual) and he was like, “Well, what’s something you’ve ALWAYS wanted to ask me?” I think Pennie had nothing… hahaha! But they were talking a lot, although I couldn’t hear what they were saying. He gave her lots of hugs and I’m sure their pics are gonna be great. (September… our high-res pics were FINALLY uploaded so I thought I’d add them to this blog:)

Pennie with Jordan

My twin Amy was up next. She gave him a hug and they said hello and stuff, then she told him she was my twin sister and his eyes got real big, and he pulled her to arm’s length, looked at her, then looked at me, and looked at her, then me again and exclaimed: “HOLY SHIT!!!” I think he was terrified that there’s more than one of me. Heehee….:D He told her he thought she looked familiar and then they were talking, and kept laughing and looking and pointing at me so I know they were talking about me! She told me later he said that I “twit” him every 5 seconds, which I so do not!!! And that when I ask something, I want answers “RIGHT NOW!!” which is true. 😉 She told him her twitter name and that he’s not following and he said he’d look for her and follow her. We’ll see. 😉

Amy with Jordan

So then it was my turn. He held out his arms to me and said, “Abs!” and hugged me. He gives the best hugs in the world, at least in my opinion. As we were hugging I said, “I’m sorry about all the DMs. I seriously didn’t know you saw all of them!” He said it was all right, and we pulled back from each other and I was like, “Maybe I’ll stop DMing you so much.” He said, “NOOO! Don’t do that! I love it, it’s fun! It’s funny!” I was like, “It’s funny?!” He was holding my hands and he put my hands around his waist and hugged me again, and said, “You know what I mean.” It seems like we hugged a LOT. Which always slightly amuses me ‘cos I’m not a very touchy-feely person. I don’t like cuddling when I have a boyfriend and I don’t hug people unless I truly feel close to them. But in Nashville, and the times I have met him before, I hug Jordan nonstop!!! With him, I don’t mind. 😀

Our pic turned out FABULOUS!!! 😀

Me and Jordan 🙂

Anyhoo, we had a conversation that I’m going to keep to myself and just let y’all wonder about 🙂 and when he gave me the signed CD, I asked if it was sealed with a kiss and he said, “It sure is!” He grabbed my CD and pointed to the spot and said, “I kissed it right there.” It was sooo stinkin’ cute, the way he did that. 🙂

So we talked a little more, hugged a lot more, and finally, I walked away. He was holding my hand as I walked away and we slowly let go of each other…. I love him. 😉

Amy from DC went last, and I went over to Amy and Pennie and we recapped our experiences, and then Amy was done, and she came over and told me that she told Jordan she’d come on a road trip with Abs and he’d said, “Well, y’all are gonna have to come back when I come here for my solo show.” 😀 WOOHOO!!!! Will do, Jordan!!!! Amy also told me they were talking about me (which everyone did apparently… I’m SO amazing… right) and he said that I am “a very persistent and feisty woman.” Hahahaa!!! I love it!! And I never thought of myself that way but now that he said it, I realize it’s kinda true. 🙂 Here’s Amy’s pic:

Amy Cleveland & Jordan

After that, we went back out to that kind of main lounge area in his VIP, and chilled and talked while the other people had their VIP experience with him. When they were all done, the place pretty much cleared out and we wanted something to drink but didn’t want to go out to Donnie’s party ‘cos we knew we’d be waiting forever for a drink. So, we went into the bar in the meet & greet area, and got drinks. I was kinda nervous someone was gonna kick us out ‘cos at that point, it was just Jordan and his security people and people that worked at the club I think. But no one said anything to us, and we were respectful and didn’t like, fangirl out or anything. At one point, Johnny (@worldofjohnny) came by and asked us why we weren’t at Donnie’s party… we said it was too crazy out there. He told us we needed to get out there ‘cos Donnie had his shirt off and everything. 😉

Me, I wasn’t gonna go out there until Jordan did. 🙂 And I think the other girls were fine with that too. We’re not big partiers and we could hear it was crazy out there!

When Jordan got ready to go out to the party is when we decided to go on out there. Somehow, we ended up in the middle of him and his “people”… lol, it felt like we were part of his entourage! Amy from DC actually had to move out of his way. Heehee… we came out right after him… he went onstage and we went into the crowd. It felt pretty cool! 😀

He did “Let’s Go Higher” and “Up N Down,” and “O-Face”… so he was telling the truth when he said I’d see it later that night. 😉 He and Donnie then did “Stingy,” which was awesome!! We hung out for a while after Jordan left the stage and partied with Donnie. Always a good time. 🙂 It was kind of crazy though, with all the pushing and stuff that always happens with Donnie girls. 😉

We left about 2:30 and I was sooo happy. The experience was worth the lack of sleep, worth the money we spent, worth it all. I truly had the time of my life, thanks to my friends, NKOTB and most of all, Jordan Knight. 😀


2 thoughts on “17 hours in Nashville… part 2

  1. Wooo! Jordan sounds really sweet!!
    Now Jordan will point at you wherever you go, which is so nice 🙂 He might be confused with Amy now that he knows you’re twins 🙂
    You should have counted how many times he hugged you!
    And I thought how wonderful friends you have.
    Your blog is so interesting, so you should keep on writing 😉

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