Posted in October 2011

Favorite Music- Part 3

Yep, this is definitely becoming a weekly blog. I’ve got a LONG list of favorite songs and I could probably keep this going forever! 🙂 Music is such a big part of my life… if I wasn’t a writer (and had any musical talent whatsoever) I would probably make a career out of it somehow. … Continue reading

Call me crazy….

I know some people will think I have totally lost my mind. Hell, I wonder sometimes myself if I have. Today, I bought a ticket to Jordan Knight’s show in Detroit. Yes… Detroit. And I live in North Carolina. Why on earth would I buy a ticket to a concert that’s so far away, you … Continue reading

One of my favorite JK moments :)

So, months ago, I promised some of my peeps I’d write a blog about the Greensboro NKOTBSB concert. Well, I never did write that blog, that show was July 23, and today is Oct. 9!!! But, my twin sister Amy (@twisted_writer), was just watching some of her videos from that Greensboro show and I saw … Continue reading

More of my all-time favorite music!

I realized after my blog last week about my favorite songs EVER that I left a lot of songs out! In fact, I think this blog may just keep going forever because I have literally hundreds of favorite songs. Okay, maybe not hundreds. But every time I think of about 10 or so, I think … Continue reading