More of my all-time favorite music!

I realized after my blog last week about my favorite songs EVER that I left a lot of songs out! In fact, I think this blog may just keep going forever because I have literally hundreds of favorite songs. Okay, maybe not hundreds. But every time I think of about 10 or so, I think of 10 more that I also classify as favorite songs! Music is my life… I can’t drive or write or edit or maybe breathe without it.

I will start out this time with my favorite person. Since everyone surely knows by now that “I’ll Be Loving You Forever” is my all-time favorite song, I’ll start with my all-time favorite songs by my all-time favorite solo artist, Jordan Knight. 😀

After much debate and going back and forth, I FINALLY decided that “One More Night” is my favorite song on “Unfinished.” For months, I was unable to decide between “One More Night,” “Believe,” “Inside,” “Up N Down” and “O Face,” (Yeah… the CD is THAT good, people) but I finally realized “One More Night” is the song I am most excited to hear, if I ever get to see one of Jordan’s solo shows. So, continuing my list of all-time favorite songs, I give you….

“One More Night” – Jordan Knight

(Btw my NYC sister, Maxine- @MaxineWrites, took this video at the Unfinished CD release party. Thanks to Maxine, I got an Unfinished T-shirt and these neat little promo cards. It was the next best thing to being there.)

Next up, I don’t know HOW I forgot this song in my first blog. It has been one of my favorite songs from the moment I heard it. So beautiful, the words are real… I’m sure most any woman can identify with them and felt this way at some point her life. I know I have. Someday, whenever there’s a movie made out of one of my novels, this song must be on the soundtrack. 🙂

“You Look So Fine”- Garbage

(PS- I had a girl crush back in the day on Shirley Manson. She is HOT!!!)

And speaking of girl crushes…

“Bring Me To Life”- Evanescence

I actually saw this video earlier today on the “100 Greatest Songs of the ’00s” on Vh1 and remembered how much I loooooved this song. Like “You Look So Fine,” I think every woman has felt this way at least once in her life, feeling like they need their soulmate or whatever to save them. I know I have felt that way. Of course, since then, I’ve realized I’ve gotta learn to love myself before I can find the right man to love me. Still working on that one. 😉

Moving on…

Around the same time, I heard this song “Outside” by a group called Stain’d. I have never been one to really love hard rock songs, but this song came out at a time when I really identified with the lyrics. And, unlike their other songs, it’s not a headbanger. If anything, it’s a ballad. Which we all know I am a sucker for. 😉

“Outside”- Stain’d

In that same vein, and around that same time period, I had just left my husband and this song truly, truly is my divorce theme song! I can’t hear it without cranking it up and feeling incredibly proud of myself that I had the strength to get out of an emotionally abusive, draining, horrible relationship.

“Quasimodo”- Lifehouse

(O….M…..G… and this video I found on YouTube has the song over scenes from the first season of Supernatural, one of the best shows EVER!!!! How freakin’ cool is that?? But, you may be so distracted by Supernatural that you don’t pay attention to the lyrics. If you do pay attention to them, you’ll know why it’s my divorce anthem. :D)

Completely switching gears now, and perhaps showing what eclectic musical tastes I have ;), I’m taking it waaaaay back to some old school R&B… this was maybe my favorite non-New Kids song back in 1988-89. 😉

“Nite & Day”- Al B. Sure!

(Watching this video, I’m noticing some similarities with parts of the “Never Let You Go” video. I believe Jordan may have gotten some inspiration from this video… hmmm…)

So, perhaps it’s only fitting that I should end this with…. *drumroll please* “Never Let You Go.” 😀 My favorite song on “Face The Music” and my favorite NKOTB video, EVER. Anytime’s a good time to throw this into the mix!

“Never Let You Go”- NKOTB

Aaaand I’ve just thought of about 10 more songs I could’ve included! But… next time…. I promise. 🙂


3 thoughts on “More of my all-time favorite music!

  1. That’s pretty awesome! LOVE the Supernatural footage in the Quasimodo video of course 🙂 I think there was season 2 & 3 clips in there too. I need to watch more season 1! Love all those songs of course! And you know I recently rediscovered Garbage – LOVE them! I have girl crushes on Shirley Manson & Amy Lee #goodstuff

    Just go ahead and make this a weekly music blog like I have 😉 It’s a lot of fun!

  2. I like ‘You Look So Fine’! She’s so cool!
    And now I really like ‘One More Night’, too. 🙂 I feel like dancing when I listen to this song! You want a song from Jordan Knight for your movie, don’t you? 😉 Or maybe you can use him to act in it!! Wow, you USE Jordan, that sounds so…well, what would you say? 🙂 Haha!

  3. Woohoo, thanks for the shoutout! I can’t get over Al B. Sure’s unibrow hahaha. But if I stare at him long enough, he starts to look a little like Jordan to me. Really weird! Speaking of Jordan, the deli scene in Never Let You Go makes me cringe, but the rest of the video more than makes up for it. 😉

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