One of my favorite JK moments :)

So, months ago, I promised some of my peeps I’d write a blog about the Greensboro NKOTBSB concert. Well, I never did write that blog, that show was July 23, and today is Oct. 9!!! But, my twin sister Amy (@twisted_writer), was just watching some of her videos from that Greensboro show and I saw one of my favorite JK moments EVER so I thought I’d finally write a blog about at least that moment!

For the St. Louis show, which was the Tuesday before Greensboro (July 19), I made this sign:

(Btw, I bought those silly HUGE glasses to make my nieces and nephew laugh… they were with us for the St. Louis show.)

I think at one point during the St. Louis show, Jordan did see the sign but he couldn’t make out what it said. At least, he looked like he was looking at it and he had this confused smile on his face… he looked like he was trying to read it but I think maybe I was too far away. 😐 So, I decided that when we had 4* for Greensboro, I would take the sign and try it again.

Much to our delight (haha), our 4* seats turned out to be 4th row on the shaft. Woooooohooooooo!!!! Here’s me and Ames before the show…. we were VERY excited about having 4th row.

So I was pretty sure that Jordan would see my sign, and he finally did during “The Right Stuff”!!! 😀

Here is my sister’s CRAZY video… I swear, I thought it happened much slower than that and so did Amy! 😉 Maybe my life slowed down to slow motion in that moment, who knows? But, what happened was, he saw my sign and I could tell he was reading it, then he lifted his shirt up and smiled. It was AWESOME!!!! It’s at around :52…..

(Btw she’s a Joe girl…. obviously. 😉 )

Here’s another view… my “Moment” is at about 2:39… woooooohoooo!!!!

And just because, here are some of my favorite pics from Greensboro! Enjoy!!

Hmm…. my favorite pics from the show have a common factor. 😉
Anyhoo, AMAZING show… loudest crowd of the tour (or so Donnie said! 😀 )… a nice end to my summer NKOTBSB adventures…. can’t wait to do it again!!!


3 thoughts on “One of my favorite JK moments :)

  1. Great moments!! 🙂 And great photos!!
    I’ve experienced the front row in arena 3 times at TAKE THAT concerts in U.K.. That was awesome! 🙂 When I saw NKOTB in Japan, my best seat was the 12th row in arena. I believe Jon saw my sign ‘I LOVE JON’ and that he pointed it! I knew nobody around my seat had a sign for Jon. Haha! (I might have told you about this before, sorry if have.)
    I hope you meet Jordan very soon. 🙂 In Detroit, maybe?
    I want to see NKOTB concert in U.S.A. sometime and experience a meet & greet! That’s my dream… 🙂

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