JK in the D!!!!!!!!

I haven’t written a blog in almost a month, wow.

So what better time to write a blog than about my trip to Detroit this past weekend to see Jordan Knight? 😀 Believe me, I realize the trip may seem crazy to some. After all, I’d never been to Detroit, and I’m not exactly rolling in cash (unlike many Blockheads, apparently). I tried to get VIP for this show, but was unsuccessful so at several points, I was rethinking it, wondering if I should even go if I was going to travel all that way and not get to meet Jordan. But, my friends Jackee (@JackeeTM) and Laila (@Layss13) were bound and determined that I get there somehow. I love them for that! 🙂 Well, I love them anyway but you know what I mean.

So I sucked it up and bought a plane ticket, even though the price nearly doubled from the time I was first considering going until the time I was able to book my flight. 😦 But I’m so glad I went! 🙂
**Wow just accidentally deleted about 800 words… UGH!!!**

Okay, I had originally written about my flights and everything. Now I can’t get back to that mindset. Thanks, WordPress, for freakin’ auto-saving right after I accidentally deleted something so I can’t go back and find it. 😦

Anyway, as most of my friends know, I’m terrified of flying. I was very nervous beforehand but my flight from Myrtle Beach to LaGuardia ended up being delayed for more than an hour. After waiting at the airport for about 45 minutes, and then another 20-minute delay once we boarded the plane, I wasn’t AS nervous because at that point, I just wanted to freakin’ get there already!!! So maybe it was a good thing the flight was delayed. The Myrtle Beach-NYC flight was okay but the NYC-Detroit flight was extremely annoying. People were chitchatting the entire flight, nonstop, and I was on the aisle seat next to a couple who giggled, held hands and kissed the entire flight. NOT FUN. Luckily, I had taken my Xanax and was able to sleep a little, but the nonstop chatter and the lovey-dovey couple just about drove me crazy. Needless to say, when I got to Detroit, I was one happy camper!!!

Jackee picked me up at the airport and drove me to the hotel. We stayed there with Ash (@Ddubs_ash1477), Meg (@MegGriffin13), Kathy (@JordansKitKat) and Angela (@JKsWhopperGirl). Shannon (@shanluvsjoeymac) was supposed to be there, too, but she got shingles right before the trip. 😦 We missed ya, Shannon!!!

At the hotel that night, we watched “Blue Bloods” and went through a huge box of NKOTB trading cards that Ash had found at a yard sale or something. That was fun!! I think I enjoyed it more than anyone. 😉 We went to bed fairly early, once we figured out Jordan wasn’t at our hotel ;), because we planned to get to the venue EARLY the next morning!

We got to the Crofoot at about 8 a.m. & I was surprised to see that some girls had spent the night there! They had a tent!!! We were right behind them, though, and we got there hours later. It was COLD and Kathy and I had forgotten to pack gloves or hats so we were FREEZING. We took shifts so being out there for 12 hours wasn’t so bad. I think I left four or five times to eat something, for a CVS run and then to get ready at Jackee’s house. Would I ever do that again? Not likely. 🙂 But it was kinda fun to experience it the one time! Here’s a pic of the line outside around 10:30-ish….

So, when the four Jordan girls (me, Jackee, Kathy and Angela) decided to go to Jackee’s house to get ready, that’s when Jordan showed up. Of course!!! We were crossing the street to the parking lot and everyone started screaming and the Donnie girls (Ash and Meg) were screaming at us and waving for us to come back. Of course, we hauled ass back across the street and saw Jordan getting out of a van at the beginning of the line (our spot was the first one around the corner of the building). He stopped for a second and waved to us. 😀 So that was mildly thrilling. Haha! Of course I didn’t have the presence of mind to pull out my camera or phone and get a picture of him.

So, anyhoo, once we got back after getting ready, we were in line for a little while more, and I went down the street for hot chocolate (and to use the bathroom) with Meg and Ash. When I came back, I read a tweet from someone asking me about the merchandise (which we could see through the windows) and I stepped closer to the windows so I could see what the bracelets said and twisted my ankle. This is when I sprained my left ankle for the THIRD TIME!!!! Gaaaaaah!!! It didn’t hurt that bad at first, but was KILLING me by the end of the show.

Also, when I looked to see what the bracelets said, I noticed a tall, dark, gorgeous man standing by the merch table. Yup, it was Jordan. Lots of people were milling around the windows but they clearly didn’t know he was there. I didn’t want to draw attention to him so I said to Kat, since she was closest to me, “Psst. There’s Jordan.” She was like “What?!” and came over, and we both just stood there, leering at him. Haha! She tweeted him “We see you!” and as she was hitting send, he looked up at us and pointed in our direction and smiled. That was when other people noticed him. But I was happy that he’d actually seen me. 😀

The next exciting thing was that when I went to get my ticket from will call, I had to wait in another line, and there were more windows down there, and we could hear sound check going on. The VIP people weren’t in there yet but we could see Jordan onstage. That was thrilling. 😀 At one point, the line had moved on and I was at a glass door with no one else around me at that moment, so I stepped up there and looked through the door, and saw Jordan again. He was onstage but was looking at his iPhone (imagine that!), leaning against the wall by the corner of the stage. I was watching him, thinking, “Can’t he feel my eyes on him? Seems like he would sense someone staring….” LOL then of course, he looked up at me. I was a little embarrassed but I stared back until it got too intense… he did that to me in Nashville at Jordan Idol too! He knows how to make it feel like he’s reading your damn mind. Haha!

Anyhoo…. I finally got my ticket and found my girls in line again. We could hear the soundcheck, Jordan singing and the VIPs cheering. Ain’t gonna lie… that kinda sucked. Jealous is an understatement!!! We finally took some pics of us, although for some reason, we never took a photo of all of us, and I wish we had. This is me, on the right, and Kathy, left, and Jackee. Aren’t they beautiful??

So, when the doors finally opened, we pretty much ran for the stage. Haha! We ended up on the third row, right behind the VIPs, which was awesome! By that point, my ankle was killing me but I just sucked it up and got through it. By the end of the show, I could barely walk!!!

There was an opening act, some guys who looked young enough to be my son :|, they were pretty good but I didn’t catch their name. I thought it was kinda odd that they opened for Jordan ‘cos they were kind of a rock band, and he is pop/R&B/dance. But okay. 🙂

The guys who brought Jordan to Detroit, Jay Towers and Paul “Cubby” Bryant, used to be DJs at 106.7 The Beat, which ceased to be a week before the concert. 😦 They introduced Jordan and his band, Elevation Theory. The band KICKED ASS. They did this musical intro that was a “Party Rock Anthem” remix, and it was FUUUUUUUNKKKKYYYYYY. I loved it!!! Jordan’s first song was “Let’s Go Higher” and the video was playing on a screen behind him…. awwwwweeeeessssoooooooome. Here’s a pic!

Next was “One More Night,” which is my favorite song on “Unfinished”! So I recorded that, of course. 🙂 There are a few glorious moments where he glances at me. *le sigh*

After that, I think was “Give It To You”… during which or right after which I took my favorite picture of him:

Just when I was starting to wonder if he was going to talk to us or just sing the whole show, he started talking about Twitter and how it’s such a beautiful thing. Yes, Jordan, it is. 🙂 He talked about that interview from Canada where you could see his butt crack in the reflection behind him. It was hilarious!!! Then he did a medley of “Broken By You,” “Tender Love” (which I’d been DYING to see!!!!) and “I Could Never Take The Place Of Your Man.”

My arms started getting really tired so I stopped recording but then I realized Jordan’s voice was sounding freakin’ AMAZING and I needed to be recording this shit!!! So this video picks up the end of “I Could Never Take The Place of Your Man” and then goes into “I Wish.” I love Jordan’s story about how he wrote that song. Ain’t gonna lie, I think we all melted a little over that story!!! I know I did.

After that was “Inside”… beautiful, as always!! And then I think it was “O-Face” and “Up N Down.” Oh my Lord, the place went crazy when he did “Up N Down.” I know I was dancing like a fool even with my hurt ankle!!! I wish I had taken video but I was partying too hard!!! Here’s someone else’s video… looks like she was on the row behind me and to the left.

I think after that, he brought the two girls onstage for “Rockstar.” At first, he pulled a little girl onstage but she kinda freaked out, seeing as how Jordan’s a stranger to her and stuff… so I felt bad for her. He got a blonde girl from Nashville and a girl from Detroit. They did great!!! I thought I would hate that part of the show ‘cos I’m kinda jealous (heehee) but I actually enjoyed it. When Jordan grabbed the Detroit girl from behind and then when he pulled the blonde girl’s hair…. um…. yeah. ‘Nuff said.

After “Rockstar” was “Like A Wave” and then “Stingy” and he ended with a FUNKY version of “The Right Stuff.” I wish I’d taken more video!!!! But “Stingy” was great because he said he tried to get Donnie there but he couldn’t be there, so he was gonna be “in living color” on the screen. Everyone cheered and Jordan realized they thought he was gonna be on a satellite feed or something and he was like, “SHIT.” It was so cute. Lol!!! The “Stingy” video was actually playing behind him. 🙂 I was sad when the show was over but it was SUCH an AMAZING show!!! I remember Jackee saying she wondered if he could carry a show by himself ‘cos he’s kind of quiet at times. But he totally did, and I knew he would. 🙂 He was born for the stage.

I wish I could write about a VIP experience ‘cos I know it was incredible, but alas, I did not have VIP. After the show, I stood in the merch line FOREVER before Victor (@13entertainment) finally came by, and Laila and I actually bought our #ahf*ckyeah bracelets from him. He’d said at the end of the show that there would be more shows so I asked him if he knew if Jordan would come down South to say, Atlanta or Nashville, and he said they didn’t know yet, but Jordan definitely wanted to. YAY!!! 😀 He said they had to work out the logistics and Jordan has a very busy schedule, which I definitely understand.

I went with Jackee and Kathy to eat at Steak N Shake (YUM!) then we went back to Jackee’s house and I slept for 2 hours before we got up and she drove me to the airport for my early flight. I was sad to leave Detroit, I had such a great time and I look forward to (hopefully) seeing another JK show and HOPEFULLY having VIP next time. I miss his hugs!

I’ll leave you with a few of my best pics from the show…..


3 thoughts on “JK in the D!!!!!!!!

  1. Great blog!! 🙂 And you took brilliant pics and the videos are fantastic!
    So you have such nice friends. 🙂 Hunging out with friends at a favorite show is always fun, I know that! 😉
    I’m glad Jordan actually saw you some times! I hope you meet him at VIP soon!
    Take care of your ankle!!

  2. I like the parts when you see him “secretly” while waiting outside. 🙂 Also, what did he say about the Canadian interview he did with the butt crack? 😉

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