You Get What You Pay For

Today, I learned a valuable lesson. Like the title of this blog, you get what you pay for. If something is free and seems too good to be true, it probably is.

Also, it’s not hard to figure out who your true friends are. People can seem very cool and sweet on Twitter, but many of them will turn on you at the drop of a hat. They will judge you without knowing a thing about you. And I know that there are friends on Twitter who truly do care about me and know who I am, and I am very thankful for this.

This whole thing started in March, when 99.3 The Vibe radio station in Fredericksburg, Va., announced that Jordan Knight (my favorite New Kid) would be doing a private party in Fredericksburg the night before his show in Silver Spring, Md. The radio station billed it as a weekend with Jordan Knight, and you couldn’t buy tickets to this party; you could only win them. I thought, “Oh well, there goes my chance!” because I’ve never been very lucky with contests. But, amazingly, on the first day of the contest, I was the second winner, and the first winner on the Twitter contest, which the DJ, Christal Blue, called “Tink Trivia.” I was SO excited!! I couldn’t believe that I had won, first of all, and that I won so soon, but I did! I won two passes to the pre-show party on Saturday, and two tickets to Jordan’s show in Maryland. I was SO excited!!! At the time I won, I wasn’t sure of any of the details, and then I thought maybe I got so excited and should calm it down a little because there was no guarantee I would meet Jordan at this party.

So I tweeted Christal and asked her what to expect from this party. Her response: “@abs1399 You’ve seen how close he’s getting to those girls @ the brunches, right? That. And then some. 😉 cuz he loves you girls.”

I was even more excited then because I’d been wanting to experience a brunch and there wasn’t one that I could go to at that point. I admit it, I got my hopes up that this was going to be one amazing evening. It sounded even more amazing when I got the e-mail from Christal with more information. Here’s part of what it said, and I’m copying and pasting here:

“JORDAN KNIGHT will be in attendance!  While this party is an opportunity to hang with fellow Blockheads from across the country, Jordan will be there as well as his dancers, band, and management team.  You will have ample opportunity to visit with Jordan during the night as he makes his way around the room.

 YES cameras are permitted!  You will not be allowed to film video, but still cameras are allowed – snap all the pictures you want!”

Especially note the part about “snap all the pictures you want!” When I got to this party, I was already feeling very shy because I didn’t know anyone (other than people on Twitter that I’d never met in person), and then when Jordan finally arrived, Victor announced that we wouldn’t be allowed to take pictures. I was REALLY disappointed. But I thought at least I’d get to talk to him for a little bit. That didn’t turn out how I expected either.

I’m not going to throw anyone under a bus, which was why I was hesitant to even write a blog about this experience in the first place, but I’ll just say that Jordan seemed very annoyed when he was at our table, and I had to get up and go over to him to tell him what I wanted. He did do what I asked of him, and that was awesome of him, but every time I had met him before, he was so super-sweet and I got lots of hugs so this experience really threw me. I was also hormonal at the time so I got upset. I did tweet that he was a jerk but the next day, I took that back because he was very sweet to me at the brunch. I’m not going to go into details about that but suffice it to say, no one was to blame for my experience at this party, other than me and being shy. I never said it was anyone’s fault but mine. I never said it was a crappy party; just that I was disappointed in it personally because of my experience.

I was also disappointed not to get a one-on-one photo with Jordan, but I did end up getting a photo with him and one other girl because I missed our table photo. Alas, apparently, we’re not ever seeing those photos. It’s been 3 weeks and no sign of them.

At one point, about 2 weeks ago, I think, I tweeted and asked if I had missed the photos being posted. Christal tweeted me back and told me that the photographer had a sick child and “family comes first.” I told her I understand that and was just making sure I hadn’t missed them being posted somehow. A little while later, another girl I follow who was at the party asked about them, so I told her what Christal had told me. This was the last I said about it publicly. I have texted people that I wondered if we would ever get to see them but I never compained about the photographer, Christal or 99.3 The Vibe on Twitter or Facebook.

When I woke up this morning, I checked Twitter like I always do first thing 😉 and I saw that Christal had gone on this rant about people complaining about the Fredericksburg party. She went on and on about how many of the girls were rude to her and were begging for the photos, which we “were never ENTITLED to in the first place.” Um… photos of us that we’re not entitled to??? Hm… Then she said she was going on an unfollowing and blocking spree and removing these people. I was like, “Wow… what the hell happened?” I went to her timeline on my phone, I don’t even remember why, maybe to see how this all started because I clearly missed something. When I went to her page, I saw that she was no longer following me and I was instantly kinda hurt and pissed because I’m not one of the people who had complained to her on Twitter. All I ever did was ask her the one time when the photos would be posted.

Here’s what I tweeted after I discovered she’d unfollowed and blocked me:

“Wow. So for the Fredericksburg party I won tickets to, we were told in an email that we could take all the pics we wanted & then when we got

There we were told no pics & that we’d have table pics but we’re not “entitled” to ever see those pics???Does anyone else think this is odd?

I guess you’re not allowed to express an opinion on Twitter anymore? And I haven’t even said what I REALLY think!!!”

I had said right after I got home that I wasn’t going to blog about the weekend because I didn’t want to seem ungrateful, especially since I won the tickets, which I AM grateful for. Those who wanted to know what happened, I said they could email me and I’d tell them what happened, which I did. Because I didn’t want to come off like I was bashing the radio station. I was very mindful of that and wary of hurting anyone’s feelings. Like I said earlier, my bad time at the party was mostly due to my own shyness issues and getting overly upset when Jordan wasn’t as amazing to me as he always has been before. He did make it up to me later.

So anyway, this morning, I saw one of Christal’s BFFs retweeting a bunch of stuff defending her and I thought, geez, it must’ve been a mistake that she blocked me ‘cos I definitely wasn’t ungrateful or anything. So I tweeted this girl and asked her why Christal unfollowed me ‘cos I hadn’t complained at all.

This is the response I got:

@abs1399 @ChristalBlue alright…that’s enough! You think you are entitled to an opinion..well so am I….

 @abs1399 @ChristalBlue how about you try being grateful for the EXPERIENCE and opportunity you “won”.

@abs1399 @ChristalBlue no one wants to hear you wine and bitch about a photo. It’s a photo….get over it. You give BH’s a bad name

And then she told me she was blocking me and didn’t want to see me in her timeline. WHAT?! This is what hurt me the worst because I was totally expecting her to tell me it must’ve been a mistake and I get told I give BH’s a bad name???? Uncalled for, out of line, beyond rude.

I got very upset and decided to get off Twitter for a while but it’s still bothering me that people out there think I would be so petty and complain about something that was for the most part a wonderful time, that I wouldn’t have had if it wasn’t for the radio station.

And by the way, if someone takes a photo of you with a celebrity at a radio station-sponsored event, how are you not “entitled” to ever see that picture? Even though I think the photo is probably awful because I’d been upset before it was taken, I do have a right to see it.

But, I guess like the old saying goes, since it was a free event, I guess I got what I paid for, where that’s concerned.


3 thoughts on “You Get What You Pay For

  1. Aw, sorry, Abby…
    You were definitely not supposed to be blocked by Christal Blue! I think she misunderstood what was going on on Twitter.
    As I told you earlier, you have the right to see the pics! You spent your money on your trip to VA and no pics? Crazy.

    I don’t think she is a smart person. I even feel sorry for her being such a bitch!

    I’m not sure if you’ll be able to get a chance to see your pics, but hope you will eventually!

    Is she important to you? Are you seeing her again anywhere in your future? If not, just forget her, okay? 😉
    I’m gonna miss you on Twitter. But I understand.
    Cheer up, Abby!
    Love you! *hugs*

  2. Abby,

    This has been a terrible day for you and a bad week for Christal. I like you both (and all of your friends & all of her friends too) and I think this whole thing is a big misunderstanding. I hope someday you guys will somehow work and iron this out.

    Both of sides, you (your friends) and hers (and her friends) have said their part but I hope both of the sides will be able to move on, learn from this experience, use this as a positive opportunity to grow. 🙂

    I hate seeing blockheads tearing eachother apart and I know everyone feels the same way.

    Hang in there to everyone, xoxo


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