Why I’m a Blockhead

Someone else’s blog earlier today about how long you’ve been a NKOTB fan got me to thinking about that day so many years ago when I first saw NKOTB and was instantly a fan! I remember that I’d heard “Please Don’t Go Girl” on the radio a few times and like most people (probably) I thought they were a group of black kids like New Edition. I was already a New Edition fan, and that’s the kind of music I was into. It was the summer of 1988.

My mom bought my twin sister and I a “16” magazine (is that even still around??) and we saw a poster of them with a one-page story. Our first response: “They’re white!!” Haha… sad but true. And then, I noticed that dark-haired boy on the end with a rat tail and *sigh* that was it. [smile][smile][biggrin] Jordan girl from then on!!! This is that poster:


Just looking at it brings back so many memories!!!!

I can’t remember how long it was after that, but at some point, we begged our mom to buy us “Hangin’ Tough.” I’m sure two 13-year-old New Kids-crazed girls were enough to drive anyone insane. But, when we finally did get the cassette of “Hangin’ Tough,” wow. It’s hard to explain, but they were exactly what we needed when we needed it. Both Amy and I were skinny little dorks who were very shy. New Kids were our outlet, our saving grace. And Jordan was my man!!! Haha. You have to understand at this point, things weren’t like they are today. Our parents didn’t have cable, there was no YouTube so we could go look up their videos. I had no idea whose voice was whose, except obviously that we knew Joe was the lead on “Please Don’t Go Girl.” FINALLY, we got to see them move when they performed “Please Don’t Go Girl” on “Soul Train.” OMG…. it was SO exciting. And when I saw Jordan live (at least on my fuzzy old TV), I was even more smitten with him. I wish their “Soul Train” performance was on YouTube. That’s the only time I’ve seen Jordan wear that particular outfit and of course, he looked amazing. I was thinking God must have been taking notes when I decided what my dream guy would be cuz Jordan Knight fit the bill perfectly!!! 😉 And then when I first saw him use his falsetto (even if he was lip synching on the show), I was like, OMG. Abs is done for!!!!! I still feel that way, ironically. Ha!

After that, we somehow finally saw the “Please Don’t Go Girl” video… the second, more expensive one. We didn’t see the one that cost $500 to make until way later. heehee… And then, “The Right Stuff” and then “I’ll Be Loving You Forever” and so on. Every time I saw a video of theirs, I fell more “in love.” There was just something about these guys. I know they got labeled as “clean cut.” Haha!!! But I always knew they were just regular guys. They’re from Dorchester and Jamaica Plain for God’s sake. They didn’t dress like clean-cut pretty boys; they dressed like they were from the streets of Boston– because they were!!! I remember how it used to drive me so crazy when people went on and on about how “clean cut” they were. And then, when they got really big, everyone seemed to think they were this pre-packaged group that thousands of kids auditioned for. I’m so glad the real story is finally out there, but it’s irritating how many people still refer to them as “manufactured.” My last long-term boyfriend couldn’t get it through his thick head that they were actually talented guys. He couldn’t–or wouldn’t– understand what they were about. It wasn’t about selling records or merchandise, it wasn’t about being good-looking guys, although they were and they did make gazillions of dollars. They’re just themselves. Even now, with all of them multi-millionaires, they act much the same as they did 24 years ago when I first discovered them, before they blew up and were everywhere you looked. That is what I admire about them. I love that they fly coach. I love that they don’t flaunt their money. I love that they never dated or married other stars. They’re just REAL. Their music is who they are, and that’s what I adore about them.

I think, too, that since the reunion, I’ve realized more than ever how much they’ve given us. After all, I didn’t think the reunion would ever happen until it did. This bond between them and their fans is unprecedented. Every group says they have the best fans, but I don’t know if all fans can say they have the best group. Blockheads can. These guys sometimes disappoint us, they’re human beings, after all. But all five of them will do whatever they can to make a fan’s day, whether it’s a tweet, a DM, or a hug during a meet & greet.

This may be rambling, stream-of-consciousness kind of blog but damn, I love these five guys and I always will. It’s impossible to explain all the reasons why.

“We’ve come too far to ever turn back now. This love will last forever…” 🙂


3 thoughts on “Why I’m a Blockhead

  1. LOVE it! As I’ve told you, I think we went to the store w/ Mom to find them in magazines because I remember looking for them in Word Up! and you found the 16 & we exclaimed “They’re white!” But it doesn’t matter – the gist of the story is the important thing. They’ve given us so much & I am forever grateful. 🙂 Great blog, sis!

  2. Although I’ve heard this story before, I love how well-written this blog is! I think there’s something so special about adolescence before the internet, before YouTube and Facebook and Twitter … everything was probably that much more magical. 🙂

  3. I just commented and it disappeared, so apologies if this shows up twice! I said that I’ve heard this story before, but I love how well-written this entry is. There must’ve been something so special about liking them before the internet, YouTube and Facebook … everything must’ve seemed that much more magical!

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