GUTGAA- not as gross as it may sound ;)

If you’ve been following me for a while, you probably know that I am a writer. Day job is small-town newspaper editor, which often takes me into night and weekend hours as well, but when I have off-time, I try to spend it writing my own version of the Great American Novel, as they say. Truth be told, I’m not looking to the be the next Hemingway or Jane Austen. I merely want to share my stories with the world, and make people smile.

I write women’s fiction, or chick lit as it’s known in the industry. Some in the publishing industry say chick lit is dead. In fact, it is not. It is alive and well, and it’s what I write, no matter how much it seems that only YA is getting published right now. I figure like the music and fashion industry, everything comes around again, and someday soon, hopefully fun stories about single women will have a huge place in the market, rather than poorly written porn that glorifies abuse. Not that I’m talking about anything in particular. 😀

Since the spring, I have been focused on trying to find an agent for my manuscript, tentatively titled GOING HOME AGAIN. It’s the story of a woman, now 36, and the love of her teenage life, Michael Day– the hottie she had a crush on in high school but never had the guts to talk to. Years later, when Mike’s become a world-famous pop star and Alyssa’s worked her way up to editor of a magazine in Wrightsville Beach, North Carolina, their paths cross for the first time in more than 20 years. Alyssa gets the chance to interview Mike, and finally, after all these years, he will know she’s alive. What happens next is something that’s known only to the few who have read my manuscript, but it sounds good, right? I hope it does, anyway.

So far, I’ve sent out about 30 queries to literary agents, and have either received no response or form rejection letters, save for one rejection that offered some very helpful feedback and one request for my full manuscript. Ultimately, the agent who read the full manuscript turned it down as well, but also gave me some great feedback that will make GHA a better novel in the end.

Over the weekend, I decided to try querying my baby out to the literary agent world again, and have so far sent five new queries to agents I’ve researched and would be thrilled to work with. In the end, I need an agent who’s going to love Mike and Alyssa as much as my readers and I do, and work their asses off to sell it to a publisher. That’s the goal of any writer, I would hope. And so, yesterday, on my writing Twitter page, @abswrites, I discovered #GUTGAA. If you say it out loud, it sounds like a wretching sound 😉 but it stands for “Gearing Up To Get An Agent,” and I’m hoping it will help me get an agent!! Anything that can help me get an agent (and is free, to boot!) sounds like a fantabulous idea to me!! You can read more about it here:

And, if you wish (and aren’t already), follow my @abswrites account for updates on me working to live my dream. It’s going to happen, damn it!!! I will MAKE it happen. I’m determined. A dorky man who many of us adore once called me, “a very feisty and persistent woman.” He has no idea. 🙂


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