My crazy week.

There’s this saying that writing is a lonely profession. I think this week has proven to me that although writing itself may be a very personal thing, something you do all on your own, you as a writer in today’s social media-savvy world, are never alone.

This week, I met dozens of fellow writers, found two critique partners and made new friends– all through Twitter and the blog-hop magic that is GUTGAA. For an explanation of what GUTGAA is, if you don’t know, check my earlier blog.

On Monday, the “meet and greet” portion of GUTGAA happened, then on Wednesday, writers were able to connect with other fellow writers to find beta readers or critique partners. I’ve had eight beta readers– readers who aren’t necessarily writers and just offer advice on the story, characters, etc.– but never a critique partner, other than my twin sister, who’s also a writer so of course we share our work with each other. Here’s her blog, btw:h ttp://

So, on Wednesday, I posted on the GUTGAA critique partner page and found two wonderful critique partners, Kyra Lennon and Karma Brown (how cool are their names btw?). I haven’t had the pleasure to work with Karma yet, but Kyra and I are huge fans of each other’s work so far and she has given me some invaluable advice on the first three chapters of my manuscript for GOING HOME AGAIN. If you are a writer, you probably understand that I have read GHA roughly 8,679,523 times so there are blatant redundancies (“just” “for some reason” enough smiles to make my main characters seem mentally unbalanced) that I no longer see because I have read it so many times. That’s why these critique partners are a blessing. I love them already!

Today, I signed up for the “pitch polish” portion of GUTGAA and made it into the top 100. My pitch will be posted on a blog next week, and opened up to comments. Yikes. That thought is pretty scary but the goal here is to find out what works and what doesn’t. And, if I am lucky enough to make it into the final round, real, live AGENTS will read my pitch and in a perfect world, one of them will offer me representation and I’ll be on my way to living my dream. Of course, I don’t expect that to happen, but I am cautiously optimistic. And, as my Twitter bio says, I’m fueled by dreams… and Diet Coke and chocolate. And friends, new and old. 🙂


One thought on “My crazy week.

  1. I ‘ve been amazed by how brilliant GUTGAA has been so far! I didn’t realise just how much I’d enjoy it, and I’m so pleased to have found you. It’s always great to meet someone who writes in the same genre, and your book is fab! Going to check out your sister’s blog now!

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