Lessons Learned in 2012…

It’s the last day of 2012 and of course, that causes me to look back on the year past, and look forward to the future. This year has had both its good and bad moments. I’ve made some great friends, and I’ve lost some people I thought were good friends. In short, I’ve learned a lot of lessons this year. I’ve already tweeted (on my @abswrites Twitter page) about my best 2012 moments, so I thought I’d do something different for a blog. Hopefully you all will find it interesting!

Lessons I’ve learned in 2012 (in no particular order):

1. You gotta earn trust. You can read my previous blog,”You Get What You Pay For” https://myupsndowns.wordpress.com/2012/04/15/you-get-what-you-pay-for-2/, in which I go into some detail about how I was hurt by people I considered friends this year. I’ve tried to put the incident behind me, but it still hurts me that people could judge me so harshly without even knowing me. Especially people who were once so sweet to me on Twitter. How quickly so-called “friends” can turn on you. How quickly they can jump on a bandwagon, if they think it’ll benefit them in some way. Since that incident in March, I’ve had several other people I consider Twitter friends turn on me because I expressed my political views or my feelings about equality. Sadly, this year has led me to be more cautious about sharing myself with others and has made me even less trusting than I was before. I’ll go into 2013 knowing for sure who my friends are, and who I can trust before I go calling them a friend.

2. There’s more to life than New Kids on the Block. Yes, I love these guys and am EXCITED for their new music and tour in 2013, but 2012 also taught me that I don’t have to go to every event these guys do. 2012 is the first year since the guys made their comeback that I haven’t seen them perform in concert. 😦 So sad! But, their only performance this year in the U.S. was in Hershey, Pa., in August, and I simply couldn’t afford to go. At one point, it would have devastated me not to be there. Yes, I was sad when I saw all the pics and YouTube videos tweeted, but I knew it was for the best that I wasn’t there. I’m behind enough financially without dishing out another $400-500. I also did not book the 2013 NKOTB cruise, which also breaks my heart. The 2011 cruise was the time of my life and I SO want to do it again, but unless I win a contest Jordan Knight is doing for cruise tickets, it’s a no-go. Just can’t afford it. And that’s OK. I’m hoping to see them on tour this year and hopefully get to meet them, and that will be enough. 🙂

3. No matter how unlikely it seems, don’t give up on your dreams. Let’s just say 2012 has been a humbling year, where my writing is concerned. I finally finished my contemporary romance manuscript, GOING HOME AGAIN (after 4 years), at the end of 2011. I started querying it in March, and promptly got form rejections galore. After a rewrite, I queried again and was able to get as far as agents requesting the full ms, but they all passed. So I decided to shelve GHA for a while, and am now really focusing on my latest work in progress, a YA paranormal about a 15-year-old reluctant medium. What should happen but on the weekend before Christmas, one of my top agent choices asks for the full on GHA, right after it was very popular in a ms mentoring contest. So much for giving up on that dream! I’m well aware it still may not happen with GHA, but I tend to believe everything happens for a reason, and maybe the reason people keep giving me positive feedback on GHA is because my characters don’t like being on a shelf! 😉 So, I’m going into 2013 with a more positive attitude, and a more realistic attitude at the same time. One of my main goals for 2012 was to find an agent, so I’ll just continue that goal in 2013 and do everything I can to make it happen this time. I’ve got a whole year to do it, and I’ve got more help and support now than I had earlier in 2012, so… there. 🙂

4. I don’t have to have a man to be happy. 2012 marks 11 years since I was married. I’ve never even come close to getting remarried, although of course that girly part of me would really like to find The One. But guess what? If I don’t, big deal. I really love living in my new house with my twin sister and niece and cat, and a man would just come in and want to change everything. Yes, I tried online dating twice in 2012, I’ll admit that. Sometimes I just get the hankering for a boyfriend, what can I say? But I am my own person without a man. Like I said on my match.com profile, I’d like to find a man who complements me, not completes me. It’s not like I’m walking around as half a person. I don’t need to be completed! I am complete. I am enough. And if there’s no good man left out there who realizes how great I am, I’ll just be single. No more settling for this girl, just so I can have someone! 😀

5. Work is not worth giving myself a panic attack. As I type this, the newspaper I’m editor of is currently almost 2 and a half hours over deadline. I could be pulling my hair out, giving myself an ulcer but this time (at least), the circumstances are out of my control. The lateness of our paper has nothing to do with me. I had all my stuff in before I left on Friday; it’s people in another office’s fault. Sometimes, it is my fault when we’re late and I’ll admit it when I screw up. But too often in the past, I have taken all the blame and put it all on myself when there was no need to do that. I’m sure I’ll do it again, too, but it’s definitely part of me improving myself in 2013 and beyond– less stress!! Easier said than done, but I’m determined to be a more laidback person. 🙂

I’m sure there are plenty more lessons I learned in 2012, and there are many more I’ll learn in 2013, but it’ll be interesting to see to revisit this post at the end of next year, and see how things have changed. I can’t wait for all that 2013 has in store for me! I hope you and yours have a fantabulous New Year as well. 🙂

Peace & Hugs,


3 thoughts on “Lessons Learned in 2012…

  1. Thanks for writing this up! I think these are all really important things to remember and to apply to anyone’s life, whether they’re New Kids fans or not 🙂 I hope so far 2013 is treating you better than 2012 did!

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