I’m detoxing!

As my Twitter followers may know, I’m a week into a detox. What that means is that I’ve cut many toxins from my diet, and in doing so, I’m really hoping to see a difference in my body. When I first told people about the detox, many of them said, “What CAN you eat?” 😉 That was my reaction at first, too, when I read that we were supposed to cut out soy, gluten, dairy, pork, sugar, white potatoes and artificial sweeteners. 

But the great thing is, the company I’m doing this through, called Arbonne, provides everyone doing this “detox boot camp” with a list of replacement options for all these toxic foods, as well as a meal plan and recipes. There’s also a private Facebook group where everyone can post questions and get encouragement. It really helps to know you’re not going through this alone. And believe me, it hasn’t been easy. 

The very first day of the detox, March 18, I had to cover a joint meeting of our school board and county commissioners for the paper. When I walked into the meeting, I found that it was going to be catered. I didn’t even know a meal would be served! I didn’t let myself look at the buffet table too long, but I saw meat, which I was sure probably wasn’t free-range or grain-fed, potatoes loaded with cheese and lots of other stuff that’s a no-no on this detox plan. And then, the dessert: an ice cream sundae in a waffle bowl with a brownie on the side! 


Thank God I had my phone with me, so I could post in the FB group begging for support. I had actually eaten dinner before the meeting, but the smells were making my tummy still think I was hungry. Thanks to the support from my group and reminding myself how mad at myself I’d be if I cheated on the first day, I resisted. The stupid sundae made me want chocolate really bad, so I made a chocolate protein shake when I got home. And I was really proud of myself for not giving in.

Grocery shopping was an interesting experience, trying to find wild-caught fish, grain-fed beef or free-range chicken and turkey. Luckily, the Food Lion in our town has free-range chicken and turkey, and I’ve actually found I like the taste better than the regular meats. I think this will be a permanent change for me. It’s really not that much more expensive and you aren’t getting the hormones and other chemicals that are fed to other cows, chickens and turkeys.

Another challenge came on Saturday, when my twin sister, Amy, my niece, Adeline, and I went to meet Amy’s favorite author, Harlan Coben, at a mall in Charlotte. I knew I’d have to find at least one meal in the food court because of the timing of Mr. Coben’s book signing and Q&A. I asked the FB group for options, and determined since this mall’s food court has a sushi place, that would be a good option for me. However, when I got to the sushi place and asked the gentleman there what options they had with no sugar, no soy, no gluten, he looked at me as if I had two heads. He told me all of their sushi has sugar, but said my best bed would be the raw sushi. He pointed me to a couple of different options… rolls, not sashimi like I usually get. I ended up buying a pack of rolls and taking the wrap and rice off it, just eating the sushi and sliced avocado inside. It was still delicious and rather filling!

One “clean eating” meal down. Awesome! 🙂 But, then, I decided to go see Divergent (this mall also has a theater inside it, which is pretty dang cool), and then we wanted to shop a little after the movie, and we ended up being there past dinnertime too. I was STARVING so I had to look for another clean option. I finally stopped at Salsarita’s and ordered one of their veggie bowls, no rice and no cheese. I miss cheese, but not as much as I want to change the way my body looks. <— quotable? Lol.

I do feel bloated at some times, but not nearly as often as I used to when I was drinking 2-3 Diet Cokes a day. That's another major reason for this: I have given up Diet Coke before, but I always come crawling back. I am determined that this time is IT. I haven't had one now in almost two weeks. I've craved one once or twice, but Arbonne has this great product called Fizz Sticks, which is a packet that you dissolve in water and it fizzes like a soda. It really helps me satisfy that soda or Red Bull craving. I was really iffy at first when I tried it, but it really has helped me a lot.

Not trying to sound like an advertisement, but for the first time, I actually feel like I *might* reach my goals. It's definitely not easy, but to me, it's worth it.

If y'all want, I'll keep you updated and maybe I'll even have some awesome before and after pics come mid-April. 😉

Till then, I’m definitely gonna keep eating clean!


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